Best picture Oscar: ´Moonlight´ not 'La La Land' - State Tech News

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Best picture Oscar: ´Moonlight´ not 'La La Land'

Best picture Oscar: ´Moonlight´ not 'La La Land'

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"Moonlight," an impactful story about growing up set in extreme ventures of southern Florida, on Sunday won the best picture Oscar award - yet not before the prize was first given in mistake to musical "La La Land." 

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The error - just rectified after the makers of  "La La Land." had gone ahead stage to acknowledge the award - was a dazzling end to the film business' greatest night. 

Hollywood legends Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were depended with the assignment of reporting the best picture grant. In the wake of investigating the card for quite a while, they gave the award to "La La Land"

Be that as it may, the misstep was soon acknowledged, and the group from "Moonlight" came to acknowledge their statuette.  "La La Land" finished the night with six awards, to three for "Moonlight."

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