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Monday, 13 February 2017

Epilepsy curable disease Pakistani expert

"Epilepsy" is now curable disease and can be successfully treated by regular use of medicines said by Dr. Shahid Mukhtar.

Talking with media in connection with "World Epilepsy Day", Assistant Professor of Neurology Dr. Shahid Mukhtar Lahore General Hospital said that Epilepsy is very common in Pakistan and nearly 2 million people were suffering from Epilepsy disease.

Dr. Shahid Mukhtar said that awareness level about Epilepsy disease is very low in Pakistan. Most of people consider this ailment the actions of ‘ghosts’ and did not go to doctors for treatment.

Dr. Shahid Mukhtar said that epilepsy was a hundred percent reparable illness and a neuro-doctor or qualified specialist could be drawn closer to dispose of this sickness. 

He said that treatment of epilepsy was quite a while procedure and patients ought not quit taking medication without counseling their specialists.
Source: APP

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