Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Identify Terrorists - State Tech News

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Identify Terrorists

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg now Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Identify Terrorists

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Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has made a plan to let artificial intelligence (AI) software review content posted on social network.

Mark Zuckerberg also said, it would take years of hard work for such type of algorithms to be developed, the ones that review content and approve it on Facebook.


In Mark Zuckerberg’s letter where he discussed the future of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg communicated that it was not possible to review the billions and billions of posts & messages that appear on the website in every day.
“The complexity of the issues we have seen has overtake our existing processes for governing the community.” Zuckerberg

Facebook has been criticized in 2014, when one of the killers of Fusilier Lee Rigby communicated online about murdering a soldier, before months before attack.
Another incident, Mark Zuckerberg highlight on the removal of video graphics related to Black Lives Matter movements. Mark Zuckerberg also quote example of the historic ‘napalm girl’ photograph from Vietnam, Said that these examples show some “errors” that were present in the existing process of letting artificial intelligence (AI) review content.
Mark Zuckerberg claimed that Facebook is monitoring the site and researching systems that can read texts, photographs looks, and videos in order to anticipate in case of anything dangerous happening.

“It’s very early development now but we have started to work on it look at some content, and it already generates about one third of all reports to the team that reviews content. Right now, we were starting to explore ways to use artificial intelligence (AI) to tell the difference between news and stories, about terrorism & actual terrorist propaganda.”

Personal filtering

Mark Zuckerberg claimed that his goal was to allow the Facebook users to post generally regarding whatever they liked or not, as long as content is within the law. After that with help of algorithms, things could be more automated by detecting what content has been uploaded on social media, and having it withstand scrutiny by artificial intelligence (AI). After this approval process, users will be able to use filters in order to remove the types of post they did not want to see on newsfeed.

“Where is your line on nudity? On graphic content? On profanity? On violence? What you decide? What will be your personal settings? for those who don’t make a decision; the default will be whatever the majority of people in your region selected, like a referendum. It’s worth noting that major advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) are required to understand text, videos and photos to judge whether they contain hate speech, sexually explicit content, graphic violence, and more. At our current pace of research, we hope to begin handling some of these cases in 2017, but others will not be possible for many years.”

The plan was welcomed by the Family Online Safety Institute, which is a member body of Facebook’s own security advisory board.

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