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Saturday, 25 February 2017

Nokia is ready to lunch Nokia 3310 with a Thinner Body & Colored Screen

Nokia is back in market as everyone knows by now. We post earlier that Nokia was going to announce 3 new smartphones at the (MWC) Mobile World Congress 2017.

The company is going to publish legendary phone Nokia 3310 feature again at this event.
The new Nokia 3310 is expected to go for $62 & it will be available in Europe at start. Additionally Nokia smartphone Nokia6, Nokia 5 and Nokia 3 models will also be released along with the Nokia 3310.

A new report tells that the upcoming Nokia 3310 phone will have a thinner and lighter body as compared to the original one, and it will also come with bigger multi-colored screen.

If you remembered, the original Nokia 3310 model came with monochrome display screen that lit up in green light. The key-paid will still place in the same way as the original model of Nokia 3310. But it is rumored that the size of Nokia 3310, could see some adjustments depending on new additions to its display screen.

The original Nokia 3310 featured an 84 x 84 monochromatic screen but it will now be replaced by bigger color display screen. Nokia managed to sell as many as 125 million units of the Nokia 3310 phone worldwide since its release back in 2000.

Color options for the new Nokia 3310 include green, red, and yellow. It remains to be seen whether the phone still retains its durability after the changes.

Expected Specifications of Nokia 3310: 

Source:  Propakistani

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