Scientists invented thin material that acts as Air Conditioner - State Tech News

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Scientists invented thin material that acts as Air Conditioner

Scientists invented thin material that acts as Air Conditioner

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Scientists invented new kind of thin material that can make cool surface against the heat of sun without using any energy or typical air conditioning, study said on Thursday.

Glass polymer hybrid material measures 50 micrometers thick slightly more than the aluminium foil, and can be manufactured cheaply and easily, researchers said in the journal Science.

“We feel that this low cost manufacturing process will transformation for real world applications of this radiative cooling technology,” said by researcher Xiaobo Yin, who is assistant professor at University of Colorado, Boulder.

Uses for the product could embrace keeping buildings and different objects cool, as well as extending the lifetime of solar panels.

In the case of thermoelectric power plants, which want large amounts of water and electricity to take care of the operative temperatures of their machinery, such a film could save resources and cash.

Researchers found the material could cool objects by dissipating the sun’s thermal energy within the style of infra-red radiation.
In field tests, the material showed a cooling power roughly adore the electricity generated using star cells for the same space, and could cool incessantly each day and night.

“Just 10 to twenty sq. meters (yards) of this material on the upside might nicely relax a single-family house in summer,” said author Gang Tan, an associate academic within the University of Wyoming’s Department of Civil and technology.

While not on the market nevertheless, researchers said the material is light-weight, easy to work to sinuate surfaces, and fairly simple to mass turn out.

Source: theguardian

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