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Trump attacks Dishonest media in first solo press conference

Trump attacks Dishonest media in first solo press conference

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President Donald Trump assaulted the US media again Thursday at his first solo question and answer session, rejecting news outlets as deceptive. 

Trump said the US news media serve unique interests and individuals benefiting off what he called "a, clearly broken framework." 

"The press has turned out to be dishonest to the point that in the event that we don't discuss it, we are doing an enormous insult to the American individuals," Trump said. 

Trump demanded neither he nor his battle group had contacts with Russian authorities in the keep running up to a year ago's US decision, repudiating a dangerous report which he impacted as "fake news." 

Trump additionally safeguarded Michael Flynn, the national security consultant whose abdication he requested and got for the current week, saying Flynn "was right" to hold pre-introduction telephone calls with the Russian minister about US sanctions arrangement. 

Rather, Trump blamed individuals for the US knowledge group of violating the law by spilling data about the calls. 

The new president, amidst a turbulent week of forward and backward allegations about contacts with Russia and his fight with the knowledge group, tended to the worries amid an uncommon White House question and answer session. 

Asked whether he or anybody on his staff had occupied with contacts with Russia preceding the decision, Trump announced: "No. No one that I am aware of." 

"I don't have anything to do with Russia," Trump said. "The entire Russia thing is a trick." 

It was a full-throated censure of a stunner report by the New York Times which said that blocked calls and telephone records demonstrate Trump assistants were in rehashed contact with Russian knowledge authorities well before the US races. 

"They weren't in Russia. They never made a telephone call to Russia. They never got a telephone call. It's all fake news," Trump said. 

Trump focused on that the story fixated rather on wrong activity by US knowledge offices, as he ventured up his before Thursday assaults in which he promised to catch "low-life leakers" of conceivably arranged data that prompted to the ouster of his national security counsel. 

"The breaks are genuine. The news is fake," he proclaimed.

Source: CNN

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