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6 Months On, Android Nougat Still Struggles to Grow

6 Months On, Android Nougat Still Struggles to Grow

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Over six months after its discharge, Android's most recent Nougat offering is at long last getting genuinely necessary footing regarding its piece of the pie. 

As indicated by the most recent figures discharged in March, Android Nougat caught 2.8% of the market. That doesn't sound much however its more than twofold the 1.2% share it had in February. 

The ascent in piece of the overall industry is not an astonishment, as a large portion of the major cell phone organizations are proceeding onward to Android Nougat from Marshmallow, including the Galaxy S7 twosome and the Moto G4 line. With time, as the refresh takes off to further telephones, Nougat's piece of the pie will just go up. 

Marshmallow and Lollipop Not Dying Any Time Soon 

It wouldn't lead the pack at any point in the near future however. For one, Nougat's antecedent Marshmallow is additionally observing more entrance in the market, as of now remaining at 31.3% from 30.7% a month ago. Android Lollipop, the "Windows 7" of the Android world, diminished in size slower than the development of Nougat dropping to 32.5%, from 32.9% 

Then, the more seasoned OS variants are kicking the bucket however not rapidly enough, with KitKat asserting 20.8% of the market and Jelly Bean remaining at 10.6%. The OS forms which initially launch Android into the standard, Gingerbread and Ice Cream Sandwich, remain at 1% each. Regardless of whether they declined to update or are fashionable people old fashioned with regards to cell phone OS's is indistinct. 

Could Rise Further 

Android Nougat was initially discharged in August a year ago nearby the LG V20. Its next real discharge, adaptation 7.1, was discharged nearby the Pixel couple of cell phones. 

Be that as it may, even by Android's horrendous rates of appropriation, Nougat has been a strangely resolved case. Things could just deteriorate once the following OS adaptation discharges, however, until then there is still some an opportunity to take some ground.

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