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Sunday, 19 March 2017

Beijing becomes China’s first city with all clean energy power plants

Beijing's large coal-fired power plant suspended operations on yesterday, it meaning that the capital has become the China's first city with all its power plants fuel by clean energy.

The Beijing Thermal Power Plant “Huangneng“, was built up and put into operation in June Since 1999. Included five coal-fired units with total installed capacity of 845,000 kilowatts, & heating capacity 26 million square meters.
General Manager of the plant “Du Chengzhang”, said it is an efficient & very environmental friendly plant included advanced emission treatment equipment. This plat provides important support to stable operation of Beijing's electric power system and Beijing heat supply system.
After suspension of the plant, estimated 91 tons of sulfur dioxide, 285 tons of nitrogen oxide, and 1.76 million tons coal emissions will be cut annually.

According to Air clean plan by Beijing from 2013-2017, Beijing will be build 4 thermal Gas power centers, and close four coal-fuel thermal power plants during that period.
Included 3 plants which consume over 6.8 million tons coal each year were shut down in 2014-2015.
Du Chengzhang said Huangneng will be prepare to serve as emergency heat source for capital's heating system. 
Three out of four gas thermal power have already built and still are in use. Beijing has now 27 power plants, all fueled by clean energy with total capacity of 11.3 million KW.
According to city's power plan, Beijing will not build more large-scale power plants.

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