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Facebook Copied Stories Feature Just Like WhatsApp

Facebook Copied Stories Feature Just Like WhatsApp

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Facebook now decided to copy big social media named Snapchat again by introducing “Stories feature” in Facebook App. Similarly as Facebook copied Snapchat features for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger app. With this feature, users can take pictures that will disappear in 24 hours and pictures can be seen at top of the app as similar to Snapchat.

This new feature will available to users in Greece, Chile, and initially, Vietnam but will slowly be rolled out to rest all of the Facebook users.

Recently Facebook launched Messenger Day in Messenger app. This event was last week and the main users were more than one billion users. However, instead of increasing applications popularity, it frustrated users, reason is it was right at top of the app. Facebook has already introduced similar features for Instagram and WhatsApp.

Applying Snapchat cloning to other popular apps, Facebook is now frustrating its users because of monotony that every user feels now. Snapchat is now different from other apps like Instagram and WhatsApp should remain so. Integrating Snapchat features into these apps does not fit other apps.
Facebook is intended to have pictures there till the real erases them and individuals of any age utilize this element. The idea of deleting pictures will be oddly unfamiliar for most non technical Facebook users, pleasant or unpleasant till remains to be seen.

Besides this, people who regularly use all apps facebook, whatsapp, snapchat, Instagram used nearly all the features are not happy and definitely unsure about how good this addition will be to Facebook.

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