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Tuesday, 7 March 2017

FitBit introduce New Wearable Now Comes With a Heart Rate Monitor

Fitbit is now the world leading wearables maker, Fitbit announcing an update to its line of fitness trackers. This latest wearable is dubbed Alta HR, comes with miniaturized heart-rate monitor as well as svelte design.

The wearable is being widely routed as world’s slimmest fitness tracker with continuous heart-rate monitor. A new heart-rate monitor design in order to fit its aesthetics. This wearable is also comes with water-resistant strap, which can be changed and for either pink-on-rose gold or black-on-gunmetal.

From the front is a barebones LED display for showing data statics. The competitor companies claims that the Alta HR features entirely all new internals, in order to fit thinner design. It has 5 day battery life, while there is also haptic feedback as well.

Fitbit included amped up software with new Sleep Insight system, which will be rolled out to Charge 2 and Blaze users as well. This system will monitors user’s sleeping habits through heart-rate and motion for suggest improvements.

The Fitbit wearable Alta HR will available starting from April for $149.95. Additional fitness bands can be purchase for $30, special leather ones for $60, while wrist-watch a full $100. User can expect new sleep-monitoring features after this month, if you own an older Charge 2 or Blaze.

The Alta HR Fitbit's first device to be reported after its takeover of Pebble, regardless of the possibility that the impacts from that arrangement aren't clear promptly. Still, Fitbit wouldn't fret the length of its new groups don't highlight programmed tingle incitement with long haul use.

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