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Friday, 17 March 2017

Youtube disable on of the best feature to make Youtube mobile friendly

YouTube now finally stops it’s one of the most irritating features “Annotation”. Annotation used to permute site or blog. Youtube announced it on its blog, that Annotation feature will be terminated before May 2017.

Annotations, was introduced in 2008, were large amount of users targeted for desktop. As a result, Users attraction towards to mobile was not smooth. Not to b+ mention, they were horribly misused this feature and often proved not useful to the video watching experience at all.

Annotation coincided with the increase of Cards and End Screens annotation, which worked across both platforms, and do not appear with overall experience.

Both of those features are still not without their drawbacks and shortfall, eventhough,
Cards feature, which are more of replacement for annotation feature. Annotation are those square bit box which appear on side of every video. End Screens feature, as clear by its name are at the end where content creators or video owner ask you to subscribe to their content. Moreover, there are some other features such as polls available too.

Before announcement of annotations were going out of fashion. According to YouTube, their use of Annotation has been decreased by 70% ever since End Screens and Cards were introduced by Youtube, most users interacting with them only to close them.

Anticipate that YouTube add greater usefulness to both of these later on, now that they are the main routes for substance makers to interface with the clients.

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