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Monday, 17 April 2017

UK creates Anti Drone squad to combat prison smugglers

Last July, the united kingdom handed out its 1st ever jail sentence to a personal employing a quad-copter to import contraband into jail. Now, the govt has proclaimed the formation of replacement specialist squad to tackle the matter across the nation.

UK Anti Drone squad, UK creates Anti Drone squad to combat prison smugglers,.

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The new squad are going to be shaped of police and jail officers, and can primarily be associate information-sharing exercise. (If you were imagining officers victimisation drone-blocking guns or specially-trained eagles to require down scoundrel quadcopters, re-evaluate.) Investigators can cross-check smugglers’ strategies and drones-of-choice, sharing the information with forces across the country.

Prisons minister guided missile Gyimah aforesaid there was a “clear” threat posed by drones, which the govt was “absolutely determined to tackle the ill-gotten flow of medication and mobile phones” into prisons. Gyimah added: "My message to those that involve themselves during this form of criminal activity is clear: we'll realize you and place you behind bars."

Daniel Kelly, the primary GB subject to be imprisoned for the offense, was given a 14-month sentence last year for employing a quad-copter to import contraband into 3 completely different prisons over a five-day amount. As a part of today’s news, the govt additionally revealed details on variety of different drone importing incidents. The contraband being trafficked includes mobile phones, tobacco, and mind-expanding substances just like the artificial drug Spice.

However, critics says the new specialist in drones is just a distraction from the larger issues facing GB prisons. John Pod-more, former head of the UK’s jail Service anti-corruption unit, told BBC Radio four that the news was a “PR stunt” designed to distract from “jails in complete chaos.” Pod-more noted that some ten,000 mobile phones ar found in GB prisons annually, however solely thirty three incidents of drone importing were rumored last year. “My question to the jail Service would be, what number of these [phones] were found hanging from drones?"

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