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Friday, 26 May 2017

Capcom’s Monster Hunter series coming to Nintendo Switch

Capcom announced that Monster Hunter XX series will come to new system of Nintendo Switch. Monster Hunter Series is not one of the most popular series in West, but Monster Hunter series very popular in Japan since from the days of PSP.

Capcom’s Monster Hunter series coming to Nintendo Switch

Monster Hunter series seen as major coup for Nintendo when Monster Hunter series eschewed Sony’s PS Vita for 3DS.

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Monster Hunter XX series pronounced with “double cross” is latest entry in action RPG series which is an expanded version of Monster Hunter X game, which version was released in US in 2015 by the name of "Monster Hunter Generations". Monster Hunter XX introduce in Japan in March, and has not yet released in the West.

Nintendo Switch is perfect platform for Monster Hunter 2017 game series. This switch will let you to play local co-op multi player on go, the main reason of Monster Hunter XX series took off in Japan in first place, while Monster Hunter XX also allowing for big screen to play online at home.

Monster Hunter XX will be the best looking & the best controlling portable version of game yet, given Switch’s power & with the actual analog sticks.

via technicalshk

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