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F-lashes LED eyelashes future fashion

F-lashes LED eyelashes future fashion

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Sometimes when you like a product and you said OMG “wow, that’s so futuristic.” At that point you recall that you're living in 2017, after 20 years after that a sentient Artificial Intelligence (AI) wiped out most of humanity in original Terminator Film, and than maybe you think: “you are living in future.” it is just because of these amazing F-lashes LED eyelashes.

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F.lashes, creation of Tien Pham, who first introduce at Maker Faire this year. Encouraged by reaction he had received, Pham now launched Kickstarter to make its wearable into the next level product.

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F.lashes is a tiny strip of LEDs that stick to user's eyelids with the lash adhesive. There is a bulky controller & also a connecting wire that you have to hide in your hairs but if its place in, its effect is amazing. F-lashes LED eyelashes come in 7 colors, also lights up in different patterns in response to your eyes movements.
It's a slick item, yet not exactly prepared for the standard. (That wire will disturb excessively numerous individuals.) Expect to see it at clubs and celebrations in the first place, places where setting aside somewhat more opportunity to get spruced up is not bad, but at the same time not enough to blow anyone's mind, and afterward, when future cycles drop the wire, we trust they'll go standard. At that point, in an additional 20 years time, they'll be retro.

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