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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Microsoft thinking how users interact to use Cortana in window 10

Now Cortana will be getting some makeover. today 2 reports from and Windows Central and Thurrott mentioned possibility of change in UI for Cortana that will make Cortana more conversational. Generally, both stories suggest the ideas that Microsoft is now trying to make Cortana more easier and user friendly for new users to use Cortana in Microsoft windows 10.

According to Central reports: Microsoft is trying to make more conversational UI for the Cortana, that will be also contribute to Google Assistant on the Android. Although users can ask question by typing to Cortana, the new interface might more similar to texting conversation like as google Allo. Cortana supported by Voice input as well.

According to Thurrott report in addition to making Cortana interface more user friendly and conversational, Microsoft relocating assistant in the Window 10 to system tray near to the clock. This would make it harder for clients to shroud the colleague. We don't have affirmation or a discharge date for these components.

Microsoft released test version of the Microsoft Windows 10. Windows 10 is included changes to the Cortana. Cortana can set reminder by scanning images after user's permission for events or birthday. So if user take a picture of poster, Cortana will create a reminder from it. Cortana introduce another lasso feature that will lets users to create reminders like movies reminders.

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