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Why People choose Bethesda Church of God for Worships

Why People choose Bethesda Church of God for Worships

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Hello and welcome to our Bethesda Church community of believers who believe in love with God and also have determined in their hearts to say "Yes" to the God! just because we're passionate about humans, Bethesda Church world have said yes to being loved, share happiness, loving Him and to give love to others. Culture of Bethesda Church has built its foundation on the worship. Presence of God, miracles, revival, and culture of honor.

Either is its your 1st time you can become part of our family, we want you to welcome and help you to get connected in our community.

Our Bethesda Church is thriving of multi generational and multi cultural community in Ypsilanti Michigan. Bethesda Church's aim is to bring restoration & healing through worship and try to develop every single person to their potential with relevant training and teaching through speeches and conferences. Bethesda Church offer something for the every single person of of the family. Please join "Bethesda Church" to getting experience.

Benefits of Joining Bethesda Church


if you want to donate something to Bethesda Church here is the best option named as "Givelify" you can donate digitally from using your smartphones. Givelify is an app which can be downloaded from Apple Store or Google Play. for start donate to Bethesda Church simply create an account by “Signing Up” to Givelify, selecting “Bethesda Bible” and as the church in which you like to donate.


Bethesda Church working on Biblical Studies Institute, Destiny School of Ministry and it is accredited and licensed granted school that will equipped you for every day with Christian living. 

Monday Prayer Call

If you want to join our every monday prayer call of Bethesda Church please register here. Every Monday morning prayer will start at 6am. Prayer meeting of Bethesda Church will be start from 6 to 6:30 am.

Kids Day: 

Bethesda Church focused on creating fun Bethesda Church also have some spirit-filled atmosphere at church where kids will experience the presence of Lord and build great strong relationship with the Jesus Christ. Children day is Sunday and Wednesday so bring your children every Sundays or Wednesdays or both!

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