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Honda made a very cute self-driving cooler

Honda made a very cute self-driving cooler

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Tech and coolers don't generally blend, as prove by the disaster encompassing the effective then-sad Coolest Cooler Kickstarter crusade. Honda is full scale to change that at the current year's Tokyo Motor Show, in any case: view the Honda RoboCas Concept.

What is the Honda RoboCas Concept? Well. Honda calls it "an exceptional type of electric versatility" that was "destined to influence every individual's thoughts and dreams to materialize." Its "utilization is constrained just by the creative energy."

Or, then again as such, it's a self-driving cooler with LED eyes.

The RoboCas configuration is plainly of a piece with the Sports EV idea auto that Honda additionally uncovered at the demonstrate this year. Honda envisions individuals utilizing it to open bistros or curry shops wherever they may wander. RoboCas "can take after individuals in its exceptional, adorable way, bringing joy and satisfaction to everybody," the organization says. There's additionally a Windows tablet stuck on the back, if that makes a difference.

At Honda's Tokyo Motor Show stall, however, RoboCas essentially just sat there and flickered at me. Such is life. Despite everything I cherish the thought, and expectation that Honda's idea turns into a reality sometime in the not so distant future.

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