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Get an astronaut's view of Earth during a NASA spacewalk

Get an astronaut's view of Earth during a NASA spacewalk

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Space travelers have done more than 200 spacewalks outside of the International Space Station, and the most recent one offers some quite shocking perspectives of our planet.

NASA space traveler Randy Bresnik posted a video he brought with a GoPro camera on his most recent spacewalk, which happened a month ago. In the video, in the wake of hooking himself securely to the outside of the space station, he investigates the Earth. The round ball is specked with mists drifting over seas and land, suspended over unadulterated haziness. It's a hypnotizing perspective and indication of "the magnificence of our planet Earth," as Bresnik says.

Space explorers do spacewalks for an assortment of reasons: to test hardware, make repairs, or connect science trials to the outside of the ISS. They are difficult work. Space travelers prepare for it for quite a while on Earth, by either utilizing virtual reality or rehearsing in a 40-foot-profound pool that houses a submerged imitation of the ISS.

Bresnik's most recent outing outside the space station was the third spacewalk intended to restore the circling lab's fundamental mechanical limb: the Canadian automated arm, or Canadarm2. This is a standout amongst the most pivotal instruments on the ISS, in light of the fact that it enables space travelers to snatch approaching load and perform investigations outwardly of the station. (The arm is outfitted with sensors and a camera.) NASA space traveler Joe Acaba additionally participated in the spacewalk, working for around seven hours to introduce another camera on Canadarm2 and supplant a circuit on another mechanical arm called Dextre.

Be that as it may, fortunate for us, the space travelers likewise jump at the chance to respite to take a look at the wonderful planet the ISS circles around, at a speed of more than 17,000 miles for each hour. You can watch the video to decompress after the occasion week — or to demonstrate any of your level Earther companions off-base.

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