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This iPhone case doubles as a lint roller

This iPhone case doubles as a lint roller

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Another tech startup called Stitched Products has presented another lineup of iPhone cases that evacuate undesirable build up and flotsam and jetsam. Not exclusively is the situation expected to keep tidy off your telephone, it's additionally showcased to be a build up roller in a hurry for when your dark garments get those white bits all finished them. In a Kickstarter video, you can see Stitched's CEO Charles Shalhoub rub his case everywhere on his dark shirt to expel the build up.

Sewed Products guarantees that its telephone cases can lift build up, clean, and undesirable stuff like dandruff and pet hair for up to four years. The organization has connected for a patent on the procedure that makes the cases purportedly stop microorganisms development on filthy surfaces.

Cases have been made for the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, 7, 7 Plus, 8, and 8 Plus, and the organization has made four unique plans. Each case is made of elastic, is 2mm thick, and has a sloped lip to include insurance.

The group is as yet dealing with a case for the iPhone X. There's an Indiegogo battle to subsidize the lineup's last generation, and it has an adaptable objective of $20,000. Up until now, $9,098 has been raised, so the telephone cases aren't accessible for buy yet.

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