Hezbollah slams Donald Trump’s decision on Jerusalem - State Tech News

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Hezbollah slams Donald Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

Hezbollah slams Donald Trump’s decision on Jerusalem

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Hezbollah's Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah hammered Thursday US President Donald Trump's presentation on Jerusalem as "another Balfour Declaration", encouraging Arab states to disjoin "open and mystery" ties with Israel. In a broadcast address, Nasrallah cautioned that "Trump's choice on Jerusalem is another Balfour Declaration and we will soon hear Arab voices endeavoring to make light of its significance," Xinhua announced.


Calling for dissenting and denouncing Trump's choice at all levels and on person to person communication sites, Nasrallah approached Arab and Islamic states to "summon US represetatives to hand them official and open challenge letters against Trump's choice."

He likewise called for disjoining "open and mystery" Arab ties with Israel and ending "the standardization steps that few Arab nations have begun." "The Israelis were perhaps fabricating a predetermined number of settlements, however starting now and into the foreseeable future we will witness an unhindered development process, "I have mourned.

I have cautioned that the blessed locales in Jerusalem are "under an outrageous threat." "Al-Aqsa Mosque is presently in risk. Al-Aqsa Mosque devastated, "Nasrallah advised. He likewise required "another Palestinian uprising," encouraging Arab and Muslim states to back such a move.

Trump reported on Wednesday the acknowledgment of Jerusalem as Israel's capital and his aim of moving the US international safe haven from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

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